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Want To Lead The Revolution You Believe In?
While Becoming The Man/Woman Of Action People Crave?
Act Now Before Someone Else Takes Your Place

Looking for a Step-By-Step plan to bring your project to life?

Or maybe the right words to attract attention & turn heads?

Do you want to create a political/environmental/social/personal change that matters to YOU, but have no clue where to start?

Do you hate it when you see “that other guy” get all the attention and notoriety from women, colleagues, and the people in your social circle?

  • when you had the idea long before him…
  • except you didn’t know how to bring it to life?

Are you working on your project, but losing steam and influence fast?

Do you want to lead a project but feel trapped because of lack of planning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you came to the right place.

My “10-Step Revolution” instruction manual & copywriting services can help you get through the logistics/communications nightmare so you can get to what’s important – starting & completing your project.

Keep reading to find out more about my “10-Step Revolution” Instruction Manual and request your FREE NO-OBLIGATION Quote for copywriting services. If you and your organization need consulting services or need seminars, please use the same form.

So if you’ve had it with everyone around you telling you to accept the status quo, act now and get the plan and wording to make your project a reality.

Who Is Silvio To Give Advice?
& Why Should I Care?

Hi, I’m Silvio Guadagnino and I want you to answer these few questions and then decide for yourself whether you can trust me or not:

When looking for help, would you trust:

  • a Fortune 500 Engineer who’s planned multimillion dollar projects for 3 firms over the last decade?
  • a writer, copywriter and consultant with over 5 years experience?
  • an ex-engineer that revolutionized his life by becoming a writer (especially since I created non-scientific or engineering related materials)?
  • A guy who wanted to learn to fly and became a private pilot?
  • A professional whose worked with international government authorities worldwide (in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, UAE, Brazil)
  • A linguist who’s fluent in  3 languages & understands cultures around the world
  • A consultant who’s written previous books with strategies on decision making for the Iraq/Afghan war?
  • A professional who’s presented his strategies to the United Nations in New York and to numerous elected officials on the hill

You see, changing the status quo is part of my DNA – And I can help you do the same with your projects, website and in your life.

You Must Have a Dozen Questions, At Least!…
So I Listed the Top 16 Below
And Provided the Answers You Need – One By One:

The list of the 16 crucial questions and answers you MUST understand before starting any project are included below for your information:

  1. What Exactly Do You Mean By Revolt, Change or Revolution Anyways?
  2. Who is Silvio To Give Advice & Why Should I Care?
  3. There are Many Alternatives out there – Why Choose “The 10-Step Revolution” over the others?
  4. What’s Makes “The 10-Step Revolution” So Revolutionary?
  5. Aren’t revolutions IMPOSSIBLE…especially these days?
  6. How does it work anyway?
  7. Can I Really Be the LEADER of my own revolution/my own fight for change?
  8. Is it really possible to create change in 10-Steps?
  9. Won’t you just be exchanging 1 situation for another?
  10. Why should I trust you?/What makes YOU such an expert on Change and revolution?
  11. Why hasn’t anyone else created this style/kind of a book?
  12. I don’t know where to start? How do I even begin?
  13. What are the actual steps of ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ anyways?
  14. Why do you refer to ¨The10-Step Revolution¨ as a Manual/Cheat Sheet anyways?
  15. I don’t have the time to create a Revolution, a change, do I?
  16. Aren’t governments, society, careers, workplace too hard to change anyways?

1. What Exactly Do You Mean By
Revolt, Change Or Revolution Anyways?

Revolution is simply a code word, a fancy way of saying CHANGE!

  • When I say REVOLUTION, you’re probably thinking the American or French Revolution, The Alamo, or Casto’s invasion of Cuba, right?
  • I’m here to tell you that this is false propaganda in its rawest form!
  • Any time you want to bring about a change in your town/city, an environmental or social issue/law, a problem at your college/university, workplace, your career, your life – THIS IS ACTUALLY A REVOLUTION!
  • “I need to know that you have accepted this “new definition” for revolution, so that the word itself doesn’t scare you in to thinking that you have to give up your entire life to bring about change, to bring about revolution, where and when it matters to you in your daily life.

2. Who Is Silvio To Give Advice?
& Why Should I Care?

  • Would you trust a Fortune 500 Engineer who has planned projects for 3 firms over the last decade
  • An engineer that revolutionized his life by becoming a writer (non-scientific or engineering related mind you)
  • A private pilot
  • A guy whose worked with government authorities world wide
  • A person who has written previous books with strategies on decision making for the Ir/Afg war
  • A person who has presented his strategies to the United Nations in NYC and to numerous elected officials
  • A person who speaks 3 languages fluently and understand cultures around the world

3. There Are Many Alternatives Out There –
WHY Choose ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ Over The Others? … and

4. What’s Makes “The 10-Step Revolution” So Revolutionary?

  • Firstly, its intuitive, it’s quick, easy to read/understand and
  • It splits the work into manageable and “doable” mini tasks that you can do or have those in your group do
  • §  Basically you’ll see how this allows your movement to create and oick up speed & momentum
  • §  With a step by step plan, you feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  • It starts by testing to see if this revolution/ this change is really right for you, whether you believe in it or not

As the author, my experience is unlike most others who write, from:

  • my engineering and planning background for 3 Fortune-500 companies over the last 10 years
  • to my experience working woth governemtn agencies worldwide as part of my career on behalf of 3 Fortune-500 firms
  • to my former books that I presented to the United Nations in New York
  • to a childhood obsessed with political and social change since the age of 11
  • to speaking multiple languies,
  • to being a private pilot,
  • to penetrating the offices of elected officials
  • to being at the

5. Aren’t Revolutions Impossible…
Especially These Days

  • If anything, revolutions are so much easier these days because of social media nd I get into this in one of the chanpters
  • BUT do not confuse social media for an actual strategy! It isn’t social media is simply like the oil that coats the gears to make “the machine” of “the 10-Step revolution” roll more smoothly

 6. How Does It Work Anyways? 

  • It works by splitting the hazy “revolution process” into manageable steps
  • I also explain that a revolution, a change is like a coin with its heads and tails side that I also refer to as the Planning Side and the Execution Side
  • Each step connects directly to the next and give examples to see exactly how to implement it
  • It does not have any fluff or extras that are useless
  • What it does have are stories that make it fin at the start of every chapter
  • And best of all it’s a short 158 page 5” by 8” manual that you can implement immediately without having to read volumes like in other cases

 7. Can I Really Be The Leader Of My Own Revolution/
My Own Fight For Change?

  • Absolutely, but you need a plan, a MANUAL to explain the steps to follow so that you don’t waste time, lose hope and eventually give up
  • In the end, “The 10Step Revolution” will give you direction but the drive must come from you & the 1st chapter of this book will test to see if you have what it takes
  • But the short answer is DEFINTELY!

8. Is It Really Possible To Create Change in 10 Steps? 

  • 1 answer to this question – I used this system to go from an engineer to an author
  • To write a book that had nothing to do with engineering or science
  • To write books when no on e at all in my family or life was remotely close to anything in the writing business
  • When I received my private license while in university studying to be an engineer

 9. Wont You Just Be Exchanging 1 Situation For Another?

  • This is a good question, you can incite change and revolution but what they brings onto society is never sure
  • Even the best intentions for change, when actually rolled out into society can turn ugly BUT
  • It can also be a great change – look at eh American Revolution, the fight for black rights, for minorities, and immigrants, for changes in laws like the Roe vs Wade and others
  • You can either detest and admire these changes but it is people like you who took a stand and that’s the reason for you community, school, career, society being as it is
  • This question is for you to answer – but in truth no one knows whether YOUR CHANGE will do more damage than good
  • Let’s hope for the best and trust our hearts

10. Why Should I Trust YOU?
What Makes YOU Such An Expert
On Change and Revolution?

Would you trust an/a:

  • Author of previous book that tackled strategies for the Ira / Afgha was, that I presented to the United Nations at the Secretariat in New York City?
  • Engineer with a decade of planning experience
  • Project Lead that has planned multimillion dollar projects for 3 Fortune-500 companies over the last 10 years
  • Private pilot
  • Person that has made his way into the offices of elected officials to explain and push for my beliefs
  • Person with a financial background and knowledge of the markets
  • Person that is trilingual and can explain the ideas in many languages providing greater insight into how different countries and people think
  • Person that found out what revolution was when he was only 12 years with the Fall of the Berlin Wall?
  • I’ve done and lived these accomplishments – trust me!

 11. Why Hasn’t Anyone Else Created This Kind Of Book?

Others have, but in my case, you get the planning straight from a Fortune-500 engineer with a decade of experience planning for multinational corporations

  • You get a person that has planned and completed drastic changes in my own life like going from Engineer to a writer of non-scientific /non engineering information
  • You get someone who is a private pilot
  • You get someone with a financial background
  • You get a believer in change
  • You get someone who has pitched my information and strategies to elected officials, the United Nations and anyone who will listen – the point is I have gotten though the closed doors that stop revolutions/changes in their tracks – until now
  • Most of all you get the information from a PASSIONATE believer in YOUR cause

12. I Don’t Know Where To Start,
How Do I Even Begin?

  • The beauty of “The 10-Step Revolution” is that it explains how to start from NOTHING
  • It even provides the test you need to confirm to yourself that a revolution/ a change is truly what you want
  • Then it continues on with the other 9 steps in a carefully  thought out strategy that’s spilt into 2 phases
  • Best part is, you don’t have to plan the next steps they’re all there for you in black and white
  • You see you have everything you need so YES you WILL know how and what to do when you start and STEP 1 of “The 10-Step Revolution” is the ONLY PLACE to start!

 13. What are The Actual Steps of
¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ anyways?

 The Planning Phase / “Heads side of the coin”

  • If your heart, Mind & Soul aren’t Screaming For it, it’s not worthy of a Revolution
  • Revolutions – Nothing More than PMBT
  • Appeal To The Crowd Or The Revolutions Is OVER!
  • Don’t tight cast The Movement
  • Dress Rehearsal!

The Execution Phase / “Tails side of the coin”

  • Have the “movie script” (I mean draft legal document) ready in advance
  • Negotiation, negotiation and more negotiation!
  • Leverage hard fought battles – It’s all in a day’s work!
  • The “Schmooze” factor
  • Race to the polls – Vote to legitimize your revolutionary reform!

Conclusion: The intangibles

14. Why Do You Refer To ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨
As A Manual/Cheat Sheet Anyways?

  • It’s a quick cheat sheet like manual that concentrates only on the most important information that you MUST take into account otherwise change can never occur
  • It’s a 5” by 8” pocket sized read that’s quick fun & entertaining but really practical
  • Every chapter begins with a story and get’s explains exactly what has to be done & how that step is linked to the next steps
  • Isn’t a FAST, EFFECTIVE stepbystep strategy what you’re looking for?
  • After all, you do have the rewt of your life to think about as well

 15. I Don’t Have Time
To Create A Revolution, A Change,
Do I?

  • Do you have the time to read a 158 page 5” by 8” pocket book?
  • Do you have the time to spend a half hour per day for 10 days to read though the 10 chapters
  • Do you appreciate a non academic/non BS book, that isn’t a brick you’ll simply toss out into the recycling bin?
  • If you are serious about creating change and have a few hours for a free flowing step-by-step manual that shows you how – THEN YOU DO HAVE TIME FOR CHANGE FOR REVOLUTION
  • Do you have the time to create your own game plan and strategy

 16. Aren’t Governments, Society, Careers, Workplaces
To Hard To Change anyways?

  • THEY ARE & if anyone tells you otherwise they’re lying

BUT the difference with “The 10-Step revolution” Manual is that:

  • the steps break down the impossible into manageable steps that are possible
  • BUT ONLY IF you are willing to add the missing link:

Perhaps your list of questions may be even longer but instinctually, you realize these are the questions that absolutely needed to be answered.

Now That I’ve Answered Your 16 Questions
Here’s My Question To You

How many people do you know who have actually created a change (ie a Revolution) that they’re proud of?

It could be any change – political, environmental, a social change or maybe a career or life change.

Very few… if any, right?

That’s what I thought.

But if you think about those few trailblazers that made it happen, you know:

  • that college fraternity brother that organized a huge protest on campus
  • or a colleague that helped introduce an advanced process change at work
  • or that guy that led the push to protect water quality of the river in your town
  • or that colleague in another department that changed his career midstream
  • or that guy that organized/protested/fought for political or social change (like Occupy Wall Street, Green Peace Arctic movement, or fought for or against Obama Care etc)

Those people not only made things happen,
They became the CENTER OF ATTENTION!

They became FAMOUS/INFAMOUS IN THEIR CIRCLE – at least for that moment anyways…… and Women, their bosses, friends, their entourage were drawn to them – Everyone knew they were special!

And you know why?

Because unlike the rest of the crowd, they were “Men/Women of Action” – Revolutionaries – regardless of the magnitude of their respective change.

The truth is, EVERYONE – including YOU, want to be that person who creates change/revolution in the area they’re passionate about.

So why is it that it never happens to you?

What keeps you away from creating your change? From YOUR revolution?

The answer is simple – you didn’t have or know the actual steps to follow/the “HOW TO” or maybe you lacked the communication skills


Fill Out The Form At The Bottom Of This Page

What Actual Service Do You Offer Me?

I offer many services but in order to get started you need:

  1. “The 10-Step Revolution” – Cheat Sheet/Instruction Manual:
    1. This is the book that will get you to see change and revolution in a way you never thought was possible.
    2. It will allow you to apply the step-by-step structure you need immediately to get started and running toward your goal.

After clients start putting this 10-Step “Cheat Sheet” system to work, many find themselves unable to describe and “sell” the ideas to their public and that’s where I help them by writing the copy that makes their idea for change attract and captivate their intended audience.

Learn the Secret steps to creating a revolution – to making your project come to life Here – “The 10-Step revolution” Cheat Sheet!

  1. Copywriting Services:
    1. New copywriting services: You’re starting from scratch and want to launch your campaign, product, service or seminar. This allows you to get the best results the first time around.
    2. Re-writing services: in some cases the copy on your site or other media is not getting you the attention you want. Allow me to re-write and improve your results immediately.
    3. Critique Service: In this case, I review your copy, website, etc and provide actionable feedback/changes you can put to work immediately (then you would make those changes yourself)

My Copywriting services include:

  1. Website text
  2. Online video scripts
  3. Email & Autoresponders
  4. Print Ads
  5. Communications (Press Release)
  6. Social Media Updates (Blog posts, Facebook/Twitter Posts etc)

This copywriting service is how I help my clients take a huge leap forward because at this point they’ll have a plan via “The 10-Step Revolution” instruction Manual but now they’ll need the right words to make it “real” to their audience.I provide all these in Word format to you at the agreed upon dates.

  1. “Strategy Sessions/Seminars” Lastly, some clients and groups need “Strategy Sessions/Seminars” (purely strategy based information) where I explain the steps and we then brainstorm and tailor the information approach for your business, for your life/career change, for your project/revolution.

Whatever your needs, I can help you make your project a reality!

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Some Examples Of My Work

  • The Means To A Chosen End – A strategy based manual I presented to the United Nations Security Council in New York City
  • “The 10-Step Revolution” (instruction manual/cheat sheet)
  • Presentations to Elected Officials on the hill
  • Copywriting Portfolio
  • Website copy including:
  • Blog posts that touch the intended public (refer to the blog tabs for samples)
  • TV Interviews
  • Radio Interviews
  • And the list goes on

Lastly, if you would like in-depth information regarding my previous F-500 employers over the last decade, links to Copywriting Portfolio, books, TV Interviews, etc you can always view and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Note my past employers have no link or bearing on the strategies/services presented here.

So to take control of your situation NOW before your Opportunity passes you by

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What Results Can I Expect?

Everyone’s results are different since each person, company, project, require/apply different amounts of effort and each are looking for unique results to their situation.

The 1 constant is that I always:

  • provide my clients with tailored information
  • and tailored writing that’s particular to their situation
  • NOT some cookie cutter one size fits all approach.

It’s important to remember that based on my work experience and education you get access to a mindset that is part:

  • Engineer (for the last 10 years)
  • Project Leader
  • Writer (of 2 strategy based books)
  • Communications – presented his strategies to the UN, elected officials
  • Copywriter
  • Revolutionary – who’s changed his life several times over
  • Private pilot
  • Strategist
  • Linguist – trilingual (English/French, Italian)
  • Business background

Not to mention that I’ve done this type of work for 3 Fortune-500 Companies over the last decade!

It is because of this experience with people, organizations, & throughout my writing that I know I can help you, your organization or your company advance your objective and create what you’ve wanted for so long.

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Read This Only If You Still Haven’t Decided Whether
Copywriting Services or
“The 10Step Revolution” instruction Manual or
Are Right For You

My copywriting services and “The 10-Step Revolution” process whether used together or separately will help you achieve your goal.

But however you choose to proceed, it comes down to 1 simple fact:

What I want you to realize is that there are 2 kinds of people:

  1. Those who play to WIN (they take action immediately)
  2. Those who try not to lose

I know that since you’re reading this you’re definitely the inspired type so I know you belong under the #1 category and you’re willing to do what it takes to win.

I say this because in order to bring your project/product to life you’ll need these tools.

In the end what “The 10-Step Revolution” does is simple;

  • it helps you by taking care of the hardest parts of any project or change
  • The PLANNING required

As for my Copywriting Services (it provides the WORDING you need to get people’s attention and get them to act.

Now you know as well as I do, planning and communications make or break your objective.

And that’s how I’ll help you bring order to the chaos that IS CHANGE?

But as you know all too well, so many people overlook these steps and go at it ad hoc and that’s exactly why 99.9% of projects, revolutions >>>> FAIL.

BUT with my copywriting services and/or “The 10-Step Revolution” instruction manual you NOW have a fighting chance to create something REAL!

Quick Comparison Of Results From 1 of My Projects:
Before & After ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨

Let me give you an example, my first book took me nearly 2 years to write and bring to market, whereas “The 10-Step Revolution” took only 6-7 months!

Basically once I nailed down the process to create and put a project into motion (ie: how to bring a project to life) I reduced the time to create & transform an idea it into a final product by over 300%.

This is a prime example where planning and writing made all the difference – the process became easier, and most importantly faster, MUCH MUCH FASTER!

Biggest Problem:
People Give Up On Their Dreams At The Very Start,
When Your Vision/Idea Is Most Fragile

What scares me most was that my dreams, YOUR dreams, most people’s dreams, is that they are just faint ideas, flashes of genius that strike you instantaneously

BUT that can be extinguished in a millisecond.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It is so easy at the “point of impact” of an idea, to purposely ignore these insights since they seem so out of place and a seem like more of a burden than anything else (especially at the start).

If you think about it, they’re more fragile than a newborn baby, since the existence of the newborn cannot be denied where as your idea is really just a flash of energy at this point!

My copywriting service & “The 10-Step Revolution” manual are the culmination of what I learned while/from:

  • writing my books, blogs, articles
  • getting my pilot license, (while studying to be an engineer at the same time)
  • from learning languages (fluent in English/French/Italian)
  • from over 10 years experience as Fortune-500 Engineer Project Manager
  • bringing my strategies to the United Nations and several elected officials offices
  • my love for CHANGE including:
    • political, social and environmental change
    • change in education,
    • career choice
    • career advancements
    • environmental and social change
  • etc

In the end, you need to realize, that what you really need when navigating the hazy and unchartered process associated with projects/revolutions/change is a

  • Is a manual – an actual step-by-step How-To manual and
  • The writing skills to allow people to feel and understand why it’s so important

I remember that this was exactly what I needed when I was creating my own changes, and projects, and since there wasn’t anything I could use

  • I created a “Cheat Sheet/Instruction Manual” called  “The 10-Step Revolution” that you can use RIGHT NOW,
  • plus if you need someone to write the right words – I can help you there too! 

Fill Out The Form At The Bottom Of This Page

Some Additional Benefits of the Book

This is just a thought about bringing your project to life:

“After all, what the regular people call “extracurricular activities” the awakened call LIFE!”

The benefits of using my copywriting services and “The 10-Step Revolution” Cheat Sheet are so intrinsic because they create the changes you really want:

The benefits include:

  1. Converting YOUR idea into a structured step-by-step plan you can use RIGHT NOW!
  2. Becoming the famous/Infamous Leader of your project/revolution since you’ll have the knowledge of how to get your project moving
  3. Being known as the person that brought the words to life
  4. Being the person who converted Passion to Action
  5. Taking on the role you always wanted: Political/Social hero in your circle
  6. Becoming the center of attention – Getting the attention of your colleagues, women, your boss
  7. Attracting other opportunities once you’re known as a WINNER
  8. And much more

The only pitfall is:

  • you better act now before someone else takes your place or even worse,
  • your chance passes you by in an instant.

Remember if you don’t do it now – life will rip this unique opportunity away from you & you’ll never see it again– THAT I CAN GUARANTEE!

BUT if these weren’t enough of a jolt

I figured I would let you in on some additional benefits (5 more benefits to add to the list):

BENEFIT #1: This system saves tons of what matters most to YOU – Your TIME!

Let me guess, you’re probably working full time or in college or a mix of both.
You probably have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.
You probably have an apartment or home and maybe even a few kids to take care of;
Not to mention all of your extra activities that you enjoy right?

The truth is, YOU really don’t seem to have the TIME to take on the big issues right?
And you know what?
You might be right!

If you don’t you’ll lose out on what matters most to you… your cause/your project!

After all, what the regular people call “extracurricular activities” the awakened call LIFE!
And these activities are what will make your life complete.

More specifically, if you think about “THE CAUSE” you really care for; you know, the one that makes your blood rush like the waterfalls crashing down the Niagara:

Wouldn’t you love to have a guideline, a sort of “Cheat-Sheet” to follow so that you’d have the best chances to make a difference and not have to give up the TIME needed to do everything else?

I know that I would have loved to have had a “Cheat-Sheet” back in 2005-2007!  Read this very true story… one of mine:

When the war in Iraq and Afghanistan had just begun, I was pulled into the fury of all the political rhetoric. I felt strongly that before we’d send our brave fighting forces, we needed to be sure that the country was behind the fight?

So did I just stand back and talk about what was the best course of action?
Actually, YES I DID!

I was guilty at the time of this same problem. I felt I couldn’t do anything about it except have some interesting conversations and get people around me to wake up and make a decision.

But then one day, I thought about it and I sat down to create the outline for what became my first book “The Means to A Chosen End”.

In there, I laid out the dozen or so factors for which the wars were most dependent, (because in actuality there are hundreds but only these select few affected the person’s final outcome).

The goal was simple but difficult as you might imagine:

  • Clarify what was important
  • Tell the reader to concentrate on these factors instead of all the noise from the 24-hour news cycle
  • Then decide based on the material, what their FINAL Decision was.
  • PLUS I added the ultimate constraint – do this in 150 pages in a 7” by 9” book

After all people don’t have the TIME to read an academic 500 page book written in hieroglyphics anyways right?

The strange part was that without even knowing it, I was laying down the outline (ie the steps) for this New Book “The 10-Step Revolution” that will save your most precious commodity – TIME – and lead you towards your goal … and of course the other benefits below.

BENEFIT #2: People hate planning BUT they love “DOING” – With this system you can start “doing” instantly!

I know this might sound stupid, but do you think, Steve Jobs didn’t have a plan in mind when he returned to Apple to create the biggest company in the world?

Do you think Christopher Columbus set sail for the “New World” without a plan for the journey ahead?

Why do you think YOU, ME and everyone out there ask for a GPS in the car rental when we’re on vacation (apart from having your wife or girlfriend tell you to stop at a gas station for directions of course!)


Now I’m going to give you 1 ideal example of planning at the most basic level, so picture this:

You’re 10 years old, and your friends are calling you to come outside and play baseball and you see them outside on the street getting ready and splitting up the teams but before you even get the inkling to sneak out, your mom tells you that unless you finish that Math homework, you’re not going anywhere? (the horror, it’s all coming back!)

So what did you do? (by the way, the group was going for ice-cream right after the game – your favorite a double scoop chocolate chip ice cream in those waffle cones with crushed candy on top, dripping as you made your way home from the park)

You took action – You realize that instead of the 3 hours you thought you needed you could get it done in 30 minutes flat.  You would:

  1. Read the 2-3 chapter summaries from that dusty old math book first
  2. Go through a few examples step by step
  3. Then use the exact same logic in your examples
  4. Hammer them through

And VOILA – you had a plan in place to get the work done and you were out in 30 minutes flat playing first base position with your buddies imagining that delicious ice cream melting down your fingers after the game.

You see what happened! Even back then, you realized that TIME was more important than anything else but you also realized the importance of planning, so that you could recover some of the time you would have lost without one.

The 10-Step Revolution is your “Cheat-Sheet” , to getting you back outside to the “playground” with your friend and your favorite ice cream.

BENEFIT #3: The system is written by a Top Fortune 500 Engineer with a decade of experience– who is trusted by multinational firms to plan their most important projects/ventures.

Now why would this even matter to you, well it’s quite simple.

Most books are written by people who have not really planned anything of real calculable value. Not for themselves or definitely not for major Fortune 500 corporations, whose very existence depends on the effective planning of their staff, in particular their engineers.

So, to give you an insight, when the 3rd biggest airplane manufacturer in the world needed to have their premier business jet sold to company execs, movie stars, sport athletes and the wealthy around the world,

  • Silvio went to work and created the plans to achieve Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval in the US
  • and other foreign approvals from agencies around the world including England, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Israel, UAE, Mexico and Brazil, and the list goes on and on.

If you want to take a look at my CV online, go to LinkedIn to read through the decade worth of experience with 3 Fortune 500 companies;

But do it later after getting this system that is aimed at helping you achieve what matters most to you.

Basically what I want you to understand is, that these major corporations have trusted Silvio with their most important products and their futures, perhaps now you can begin to trust in the process as well!

BENEFIT #4: Overcoming YOUR Inertia – My book & copywriting service will help you overcome this killer force that’s responsible for destroying so many people’s dreams. (And this is true in anything you attempt in your life, especially change!)

Let me paint you a picture. Remember when you wanted to learn how to do something like speak a language, or learn a computer program and you went to the book store or online store and bought that 750 page behemoth whose pages could probably cover the surface of the moon.

Well the truth is, you had a lot of information at your finger tips but most of it was probably useless BUT more importantly you were intimidated at first sight and that book or online book never saw the light of day.

I bet you it’s probably in a garage sale someplace or the online “garage depot” where no one will buy it simply because of the shipping cost.

So to battle this fierce enemy, I did the same thing I did in my first book, I condensed “The 10-Step Revolution” into a stealth 158 page (5″ by 8″ book) that will actually encourage you to start your journey instead of simply starting discouraged as you would with most other books.

In fact, it will get you excited for the incredible ride ahead with the reassurance that the process makes sense, is useful as well as practical…of course that outcome always depends on your motivation and drive.

But like anything else…I can show you the way through the jungle, but you have to walk the path through it yourself.

BENEFIT #5: Lastly, the book, and my copywriting services are written in a fun, entertaining way but they remain passionate and practical. You and your clients/audience will understand them FAST but still have fun reading it.

This might appear to be the least important of all the benefits but in actuality it may the most important from a practical sense.

I want you to have fun and so every chapter begins with a quick side story, feels a little like whiplash… but in a good way, and then you’ll realize that it was for a reason. Plus it’ll make it easier to remember the moral of the chapter.

So I basically made it fun and all in a 158 page, 5″ by 8″ book you’ll keep with you throughout your journey.

Guarantees on “The 10-Step revolution” book ! – It’s an $8.99 Kindle Ebook or IBook, or a $15.99 Paperback on Amazon.

People spend more money than that for a coffee and dessert at Starbucks in a single day!

Only this time you’ll have a Manual to create Change – now you’re finally getting your money’s worth!

Plus the difference in this case is, you’ll have the steps to change your life and more importantly  to save you months even years of planning.

Now there’s a special if I have heard of one!

The 1 thing I CAN Guarantee

You’ll be learning and making Change – for Real. In your life, in society, wherever it matters to YOU.

Of course how successful you become depends completely on you.

This Could Be The Turning Point
For Your Project / For Your Life
You’ve Been Waiting For

In every person’s life, career, project, there’s always a point when you look back and realize that a particular decision to act on a hunch, changed EVERYTHING!

In my case, when I acted on the idea of changing my career from an engineer to a copywriter/author – that was a game changer.

Everyone at some point in their lives must decide and act upon what “feels” right.

If your project feels right to you, you can’t deny it any longer… you probably have till now and that was only because you didn’t have the information you needed or the ability to pen the right words.

But now you have access to BOTH!

Don’t postpone the project that’s so important to you – You simply don’t have the time and frankly the cost is to much to bare.

Listen, nothing will ever align itself perfectly, but now you have access to the tools to give you the fighting chance you’ve been waiting for.

In the end when  you think about it, my copywriting services will help you get your message to the world and they come with a solid guarantee, so I know you’ll receive what you need to reach your audience.

So do something different today.  Take on the project you always dreamed of and become the leader of the change you will never forget!

Many years from now, you won’t remember all of the useless time spent watching TV or listening to the music, but you’ll remember and recount the story of how you made a difference!

One last note, I’ll admit that I may not always WIN, that’s part of reality obviously

  • BUT I have always put the odds in my favor and now you can too!

Good luck and let’s get YOUR project YOUR Revolution started NOW!


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It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

You, me, everyone, wants the easiest and fastest way to create and implement a project.

Trust me — I know what’s out there.

You can go online right now and spend so much time and money on programs and copywriting services that lack the useful, practical information you need to get your project off the ground and rolling.

That’s what my copywriting services and “The 10-Step Revolution” provide – the vehicle to bring your idea, your vision, your project to LIFE

Listen, it doesn’t get any better than this.

But ultimately, you’ll need to decide for yourself. Therefore, if you’re interested, simply click the FREE No Obligation Quote button below to get the information you need.

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So, thank you for your time and I look forward to the exciting stories of revolution and change we’ll bring about together through your project.

Your Friend and fellow revolutionary,

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Author, Fortune-500 Professional, Writer, Copywriter, Strategist/Consultant

P.S I know that you want to create revolution, but you and I both understand the cold truth that your window of opportunity is so small and it’s actually slipping through your fingers as you read this. Get “The 10-Step Revolution” manual (ie: the cheat sheet) and the Copywriting Service that’s right for you so that you’ll have a fighting chance to create the change that matters to you.

P.S.S Believe me, so many people didn’t take the challenge because they thought it was either too hard while others thought they could do it without the proper planning or writing services and in both cases they lost their opportunity forever. Now they look back and see what might have been – In the end, life is all about change/revolution, and if you don’t initiate it and have the right plan – You’ll Lose out!

Last P.S – I swear: The attention you’ll get from women/men, your peers, potential employers after creating YOUR project/revolution  is amazing – You’ll never be as proud as you’ll be when you realize that YOU ARE THE LEADER of YOUR CAUSE / YOUR REVOLUTION/YOUR PROJECT!

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