Technology vs Humanity – #ING and Ad Agency #JWT May Help You Decide Which Side You Belong?

#TechVSHumanity – Picture courtesy of #JWT and #ING

Are you a disciple of #tech or an ardent defender of #humanity?

I must admit, it’s not a very easy question to answer but if you’re honest with yourself, you may get insight into your own personality and use that information accordingly – keeping in mind the great Lao Tzu ¨Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment¨ but I digress.

As a test case, #ING bank with the help of legendary ad agency #JWT from its Amsterdam outpost, muddied the waters, creating a new reservoir for the undecided…all thanks to #Rembrandt of all people.

I know, you must be thinking – didn’t he pass away a few hundred years ago?


That’s what makes this situation all the more fascinating.

You see, ING in its decision to become a sponsor for Dutch #Art and #culture wanted to weave their innovative style into their campaign – that idea culminated into the next DIGITAL REMBRANDT.

This bank (crazy I know – a BANK), and #JWT engaged experts that made use of the latest 3D scanning equipment, facial recognition software, deep learning algorithms and height maps to mimic brush strokes and then tied it all up with a digital bow via 3D printing that took 13 layers of ink to create what was once thought to be the realm of humanity alone…

a masterpiece of art – a painting that basically digitally resurrected #Rembrandt himself, nearly 400 years after the Dutch master’s death.

Now, that you’ve watched the ad and returned to this blog post of course, let me know what you think:

  • Are you appalled or amazed?
  • Disgusted or invigorated by the possibilities?
  • Is ¨ART¨as we have always known it, dying a slow, technical death, right before our very eyes or is it simply once again ¨coming of age¨?

Before you jump to your cell, tablet or keyboard let’s look at a few similar examples from the history to provide some context in this heated debate.

During the transition to the renaissance era in the 1400’s, realism and secular, nonreligious artwork gained traction – a rather blasphemous movement wouldn’t you say – one well worthy of debate, no doubt.

Then blast forward in time on your DeLorean (always loved that Back To The Future flick) to the advent of the picture camera which relieved many painters of their once sacred canvases – freezing a scene in time, all in a single snap.

When you start to think about it, advancement, what today we refer to as #tech, appears to be the only logical continuation of the saga that IS ART!

So, thanks to #ING, #JWT and not to mention the great resurrected #Rembrandt I must once again return to the same question – which side are you on?

Now… go ahead and pounce on your cell, tablet or keyboard and let us know what you think or what side you’re on, either here on my 10StepRevolution Blog, @SilvioWrites, @JWT_Worldwide and @ING_news, or LinkedIn – that is, if you can still choose only 1 side.

… that is, if you can still choose only 1 side.

Silvio Guadagnino 
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Euro Cup’s Effect on Work Efficiency

Euro Cup' effect on Work Efficiency

Euro Cup’ effect on Work Efficiency

Needless to say, work efficiency during the Euro Cup, Copa America and of course the World Cup, takes a beating… and obviously so, with so many high caliber matches being played daily.

Now apart from the fact that some companies have woven in a game or two into their social gatherings which is always a treat, the majority have not realised what such events can do for the company’s team spirit.

Now this is not to say that there won’t be arguements over the outcomes or the discussion of 1 country’s dominance over the other, but then again what would sports be if not competitive… wait a second… company’s are quite comptetitive as well. I guess that’s why so many sports analogies are tossed around any office envirnoment.

This article, if it has but a single goal in mind, (pardon the pun), would be to get some feedback about your feelings over company-get-togethers for major sporting events, whether it be Euro Cup currently being played or Stanley Cup finals, the upcoming heartbreaker between the Cavs and Warriors all the way to the superbowl.

Now the reason I bring this point into contention NOW is the fact that Soccor due to the time zone difference has been really causing havoc on company efficiency. This is particularly different from its peers as most other North American sporting events are played in the evening, weekends and after work (except for some baseball games, tennis matches of course). It’s all coming back to me, those great afternoon games with a cold beer in one hand and hot dog in the other, and yet I digress.

So my question is, with all the soccor fans out there in ¨workland¨, is it ok to tell your boss straight up…¨Look Italy’s playing this morning (or afternoon), I’ll make up the time but I need to watch it¨ or should we continue on with the fake appointments and pretend sick days?

Let me know what you think, and be honest. The information complied may be used as evidence to get you a few hours away from the office… with all your colleagues together having a blast, and during the down times, who knows, you could even talk business.

Wait a second, there is a sport where billion dollar ideas/deals are discussed under clear blue skies…Golf, and by the way, all those C-level execs are having quite some time to discuss given the weather at the US Open in Oakmont.

Anyways, chime in and let me and the rest of the people know where you stand on this pressing issue. If need be, send the info anonymously!

Enjoy the Euro, Copa America, US Open, NBA final, MLB, football and whatever else your heart desires.

Happy Friday…and get back to work, in case you forgot, this article took some time to articulate after all.

Silvio Guadagnino 
Cell: 514.945.2851 

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Want to stay at #VanGogh’s apartment… in #Chicago, for $10? Leo Burnett Ad Agency has made it possible.

Want to stay at #VanGogh’s apartment… in #Chicago, for $10? It is the exact replica of his iconic painting dubbed ¨Van Gogh’s Bedroom¨ which you could then go visit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Well for a short time you could have done both, courtesy of The Art Institute of Chicago and Leo Burnett Ad Agency.

Courtesy of Ad Age Magazine

Courtesy of Ad Age Magazine

Ad Age Magazine recently published a very interesting article about the opportunity to truly emerse yourself in Van Gogh’s world, and when I say his world, I mean both his art and his living quarters.

The article  explained how The Art Institute of Chicago’s existing collection includes the iconic painting dubbed ¨Van Gogh’s Bedroom¨. Now this is where it gets interesting – this painting is actually 1 of 3 Van Gogh created between 1888 and 1889, the other 2 paintings are in Paris and Amersterdam museums.

Now the point is, The Art Institute of Chicago had arranged to exhibit all 3 paintings togther at the Institute and asked Leo Burnett Ad Agency to help get the word out …and quickly.

You see despite Van Gogh’s popularity, The Art Institute was up against the fiercest enemy of all projects…TIME!

Basically, the institue only had 12 weeks to showcase the 3 paitings together before the other two were to be returned to their Parisian and Dutch homes. It was at this point that the Leo Burnett ad agency, whose done probono work for the Institute since 2012, stepped in.

They imagined the idea of creating Van Gogh’s ACTUAL apartment from the scene in his iconic painting and allow visitors to rent it out AND TRULY FEEL WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE IN VAN GOGH’S SHOES..OR IN THIS CASE HIS HUMBLE ABODE.

Cleverly, a subset of Leo Burnett’s strategy was to place ads in places like Chicago train stations, telling those interested to text a particular number.

Ad placed in Chicago Train Stations

Ad Placed in Chicago Train Stations

They would then receive a text in return from an Leo Burnett social media staffer taking on the Van Gogh personna, letting them know that vacancies would be available soon for the Feb 14 opening and to text back at a later time to place reservations.

Prior to any communications with the public, the museum partnered up with Ravensworld to create the incredible detailed apartment and AirBnB stepped in as the agent listing the room at just $10.

Needless to say, this was the hottest room in the city! The first nights were rented in minutes and generated 500 MILLION MEDIA IMPRESSIONS and nearly 6 million dollars in earned media.

In the end, ¨Van Gogh’s Bedroom(s)¨ opening weekend was the biggest opening ever for the museum, with 14,608 visitors during the first 3 days, the largest daily attendance in 15 years, gaining 2,500 additional facebook followers, with online ticket sales soaring to its highest ever.

As you can see, even the great masters (as well as the art gallery, of course) can profit from the power and leverage of advertising and social media.

Hope you enjoyed the article and contact me for your content/copywriting needs.

Until then, enjoy your week end.

Silvio Guadagnino
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Bombardier’s CSeries Revolution: Seizing the Moment… & Your Next Flight!

Courtesy of Bombardier Aerospace

Courtesy of Bombardier Aerospace

There are certain occassions in a person’s life and in this case a company’s history, at which point a distinct OPPORTUNITY MUST BE SEIZED.

Call it destiny, inevitability, seredipity, whatever gets your attention, but regardless of the chosen word, such a moment is currently taking place for Bombardier Aerospace & IT WILL DEFINE THE NEXT DECADE OR 2 OF ITS EXISTANCE.

Obviously, the fork in the road that lead to this point began a while back when executives first approved and launched the CSERIES program but the proverbial NOW is where Bombardier finds itself and it most defintely IS CRUNCH TIME!

Now inspite of the world class engineering CSeries models bring to the table, from payload, range, takeoff distance, fuel savings etc but this is a case where I believe success now comes down to something other than engineering.

This is a case where the SAVYNESS AND ABILITY of its salesforce and marketing staff must take on the leading edge and provide the thrust to propel a great product into the mindset of the airline companies and ultimatley the general public.

Growing up, I always thought differently, and most of the time it wasn’t to my advantage until I entered the workplace. Apart from my love of writing/creating, I had another love, the thrill of flight, flying and seeing aircraft takeoff and disappear into the abyss of the clouds above.

So when I thought about the situation Bombardier now finds itself, I believe the storyline and its pitch are steeped now more than ever in the DAVID vs GOLIATH syndrome.

Obviously Boeing and Airbus are playing the role of Goliath (especially when taking market cap into consideration) but this is a case where David is nimble enough, and his slingshot could perhaps be better described as a hightech, elegantly designed, streamlined machine of flight. And its time to strike has come.

Now this is obviously not a case where Boeing and Airbus will fall as Goliath did as their products are also of the highest caliber but this IS a case where Bombardier is ready to stand head-to-head with its competitors providing the industry with an exceptional alternative to the mainstream.

You see, everything about the CSeries story screams change, screams REVOLUTION, just as my ad/copywriting services or my last publication titled ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨do. In Bombardier’s case, its quest for innovation, design superiority, beauty in Engineering and the venture into a new environment make it the kind of story the people can identify with.

Therein lies Bombardier’s revolution, after all both as a copywriter/writer/published author and a former engineer for Bombarider aeropsace, I do believe in the product and its ability to serve airlines around the world but of course that is all hearsay and the ultimate decision is for airline execs to make.

In the end, as I noted above, Bombardier’s future lies in the hands of salesforce and marketing staff and their ability to make their case and convince their airline customer base as to the advantages that provide the delta between Bombardier and its competitors.

It is that Delta (pardon the pun, given recent headlines) and Air Canada and the hundreds of airlines around the globe, that can make that call.

I look forward to seeing the aircraft inflight and being part of the Bombardier experience.

As I always say ¨Anyway you slice it… WORDS MATTER!¨ …especially when followed by action.

Silvio Guadagnino

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Hero or Legend? Which Would You Be? My Take on NBA SuperStar Kobe Bryant’s Nike Commercial by W&K Ad Agency

Kobe + Nike + China + W&K Ad Agency + Adweek + ¨10 Step Revoltuion¨ You see, mathematical equations can be interesting after all! (Sorry but I was an engineer in my former life) As you know, I have been discussing … Continue reading

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Your Company’s Bottom Line… & The Written Word

Words matter... so choose wisely

Words matter… so choose wisely

Your company’s Bottom Line is dependant on many factors…right?

So what would you say is the defining factor that puts 1 company ahead of its competitors when they basically provide the same quality/value and service?

A difficult question to answer but when you really start to think about it, it’s strange that the ultimate weapon in a company’s arsonal is simply:

  • a carefully crafted campaign of words and images/video.

Just think about how many powerful firms have been brought down to their knees when WORDS were used incorrectly? Or how many have been saved by spin doctors weeving elaborate webs to diffuse dangerous situations.

The same is true in government and even in your own social life.

Now, I love crisp messages, you know the ¨1000 songs in your pocket¨ instead of ¨X gigs of memory for your music and videos¨ or perhaps the ¨Don`t Mess with Texas¨ mantra instead of the usual keep our living space clean.

What about McDonalds? Are their burgers the best tasting or have their words and actions simply made us believe they are?

I truly believe that in the modern day business world, we are competing in what amounts to a WAR OF WORDS in an effort to maintain and grow the all important BOTTOM LINE.

And lets not even start with mobile marketing, where we must treat each word like Park Avenue real estate.

Now I must admit, I happen to be heavily involved in this game and thoroughly enjoy carving, smoothing and polishing the surfaces of the verbal landscape in order to create that defining factor that seperates YOUR COMPANY from the rest.

In this context, I have a few staright forward questions:

  1. How much space do you want to put between you and your competition?
  2. Is there any at this very moment?
  3. Or are you the one lagging behind?
  4. Could words / a new campaign do the trick?

When you realize the importance of this buffer zone, whether it currently exists or not, I urge you to take action.

So contact me and let’s make words make cents… and many more millions of dollars for your business!

Anyway you slice it… WORDS MATTER!

Silvio Guadagnino
Cell: 514.945.2851

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Work life Balance: The Eternal Balancing Act: a Friday spent Skatin’, Skatin’ and Skatin’ Skatin’…

My work in Advertsing/Copywriting, writing, magazines, politics, and books brings out the best in me, but the work/life balance isn’t the simplest goal to achieve.

So since it is FRIDAY, it’s time for a treat…

So here we go (by the way keep that Black Eyed Peas song in mind, you’ll see what I mean)

Come on in… it’s your time


All you need are the essential tools

Can`t forget your cutting utensilsIMG_0554Have some ice with your R&R








Add lots of ice!

Shaken not stirred 😉





Don’t forget yours truly
Can`t forget Yours Truly ;-)

Now it’s your turn, let me know how you spend your time creating some form of work/life balance.




Connect with me on Twitter, email, facebook or via this Blog.

By the way, getting back to the work aspect, I am available for your Advertising, Copywriting, business needs.

Silvio Guadagnino
Cell: 514.945.2851

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#Superbowl 2015 & The Bermuda Triangle?

What does Superbowl 2015 have in common with the Bermuda Triangle?

Superbowl 2015 - ¨Bermuda Triangle¨

Superbowl 2015 – ¨Bermuda Triangle¨

Well, if you look at a map of the US and draw a line from Boston to Seattle then to Glendale, and back – what magicaly appears is a triangle! (maybe not the straightest lines but you get the picture right? 😉 – courtesy of Yahoo Roadmap Directions)
Given all of the confusion and vertigo in the news conferences about deflation (not in the traditional economic sense of course), the Pats appear to find themselves in a bit of a storm.

A #storm, they never imagined and one they will have to steer through carefully this coming Sunday in order to save their reputation.

Now, I like everyone else want a tight and exciting matchup to keep us glued to the tube but a little of the beautliful blue-eyed #KatyPerry at half time can’t hurt. Nor could a little Kravitz, and not to mention the surprise guest.

Apart from this, perhaps at the very center of the triangle, especially for people like me who work in and love #advertising,

  • the actual storm, its furry, its power lies in the prized 30-sec commercials that will no doubt affect people`s view of the respective company’s products.

After all, the right words and images can create the perfect wind in that companies sails or strand them completely in the middle of the ¨proverbial ocean of opinion¨.

Of course that all remains to be seen this Sunday.
So whatever you do, be sure to be amonsgt your best buds with hot pizza and wings close at hand, and enjoy what the Superbowl really is – A night of fun, games and entertainment despite being at the cross section of the 2015 Bermuda US Triangle.

Enjoy, I know I will
P.S – I tried to add as many advertisers as I could in that last pargraph without naming names, but my services are always available, pre/post superbowl 😉

Superbowl Party - courtesy of Google Images

Superbowl Party – courtesy of Google Images

Silvio Guadagnino

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What Do I Need In My Backpack Before Leading/Joining a Protest?

WHat you NEED in YOUR BACKPACK Apart from ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨Manual on your journey to become the Leader of your Reovlution

What you NEED in YOUR BACKPACK apart from ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ Manual… on your journey towards becoming the Leader of your Revolution

What’s In the Backpack of a Revolutionary anyways? Apart from your copy of ¨The 10-Step Revolution of course 😉 ?¨

Well, everyone (including me – I’ll admit it) is always telling you HOW TO convert your dreams for revolution, your project, your new life into reality…

In my case, I spell out the CHEAT SHEET that will lay the ground work for your dream – And change you into the Person of Action, the LEADER, you’ve always wanted to be…

But before you can do that :

I think they forgot 1 thing, 1 very important thing, that in order to get the machine running, just like a beautiful new Maserati, you sort of have to be equipped with the right engine, the right features and when it comes to the environmentists, protestors, radicals, and revolutionaries, well that means

YOUR BACKPACK BECOMES YOUR LIFE! Now let me get 1 thing straignt, my book, my manual ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ is not about backpacking, it`s about making TEACHING YOU exaclty what you need to become the LEADER of your cause, your project
I feel I have to give you this information

Here’s what I mean, you go out onto the site for an Environmental protest, example, you’re completely against the Keystyone pipeline and so you are out there on the site, or you’re at the office s of this massive oil conglomerate and then all of a sudden you realise youre starving, and more importantly you’re cold.

Plus your gloves are wet from when it last rained and well, you’ll probably be there the night; and that extra bottle of water with your toothbrush wouldn`t have been such a bad idea had you thought about it sooner, not to mention an extra can of tuna or beans with an easy open lid that doesn’t require a can opener.

This is what I mean, while revolutions, protesting,marches are grand and glamourous and sooo much fun, there is the realistic, monotonous side to this whole afffair. Basically there will be a great deal of DOWNTIME, WEATEHR & of course FOOD ISSUES!

So in order to make sure you have what you need, I inlcuded 2 lists from 2 different resources – short, n sweet but just as important as the my 10 steps of ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨manual.

I included a brief listing below just in case you want to print out this blog and go:

According to the Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 6th edition, the ten essentials are:[3]

  • Map
  • Compass (optional)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Extra food
  • Extra water
  • Extra clothes
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire starter (matches, canned heat, magnesium stick – depends on the context
  • Knife

Here they are :

1 Last Helpful Tip ( or perhaps 2 – but it sounded better when you say 1 though) :

  • Before you go on any protest march have your gear, food, change of clothes, toiletries all together and packed perfectly before you do anything else.
  • Also, put that backpack in a particular place – Don`t touch it EVER, so that when you do choose to join a protest last minute, all you do is go to your closet and grab that bag and leave.

The best part of it is that when you are engaged in a project for change and revolution, you can be FULLY concentrated knowing that the logistics, or at least  part of the logistics are taken care of.

So, take care, have a blast, and don’t forget to be ready and packed and to bring along your copy of ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ manual…

Become the Leader of YOUR ¨Revoltuion”!



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Revolution – Protests in Kiev – The 3 Q&As You Need to Know!


What Revolution, what change are You Willing To Fight For?

What Revolution, What Change Are You Willing To Fight For?
Learn how to make your project catch on with the masses using ¨The 10-Step Revolution¨ How-to manual.
Picture courtesy of the Huffington Post

It makes my readers and I feel energized to know that the rights of people are alive and well!

No let me reword that, this image shows us that:

Before I continue, I AM NOT IN KIEV!
But that won’t change the message behind this blog post because as you can see from the picture above: what an awe-inspiring scene it is!

The best part is we’re seeing this happening around the world, and Kiev is just the latest installment of the saga of life, change and of course REVOLUTION!

So I’ll be frank, people know that I’ve written a book on creating change/revolution, titled “The 10-Step Revolution” so I’m not surprised that my readers want to know what I think about this change; so here are the 3 most popular questions and answers readers want to know:

Question #1: Is it right?

My answer:
It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong – it’s what the people want that matters.
The people are the country, and the government is simply a representation of the people:
At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be – in theory.

But when these incidences in history take place they remind us all, that the people regardless of the government or oppressor, can always retake control.

Question #2: Should they continue?

Refer to Step 1 of my book “The 10-Step Revolution” – “If your heart mind and soul aren’t screaming for it, it’s not worthy of a Revolution”

So, is it time for you to get your revolution, your change off the ground?
I must admit, I am inspired
Are YOU?

Question #3: How do I know if the timing’s right?

Simple – The timing is NEVER right!

Surprise? You shouldn’t be!

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is with an old Chinese proverb that says it best …
“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Enjoy creating change, creating revolution

Hope this provides some answers to historical changes taking place right now, and how you could learn and apply the right tactics to creating your change.

Some final words:
So my final words on the Ukrainian protest and for the change, revolution that’s important to you:
This is one of those cases where Nike said it best!
When it feels right…Just do it!

By the way, living in these strange times, means I have to include a disclaimer:
You are responsible for all your actions and choices made and so any actions taken and their reactions are your responsibility ALONE and my book “The 10-Step Revolution” & I are exempt from any liability in any country around the world where such actions take place.

Surprised about the disclaimer? Probably not, after all, as I have said it over and over again, one of the cornerstones of my blog is to be as truthful as possible.

“Long live your revolution & may the power ALWAYS be with the people”



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